--- The Kunisakihantou Minemichi Long Trail Rules and Regulations ---

Trekking Rules

  • Follow the trekking route (do not go off the route)
  • Prepare appropriate clothing and gear for trekking
  • Stay in the appointed accommodation
    ※There are no camping sites along the trail or near trail entrances.Please use the nearest camping site or hotel.
  • Use the public toilet or a portable toilet
  • Care for the animals and plants
  • Care for the cultural properties
  • Bring back your own garbage
  • In order to prevent forest fires, the use of fire is forbidden.
  • Care for others so that everyone can enjoy the trek.
  • Be informed and be sufficiently prepared for your journey.
  • The Minemichi Long Trail Course

    • Other than the use of public roads. please do not go off the course on to private land.
    • Most of the course on the Kunisaki Peninsula Long Trail is on private land though permission to access has been obtained from the owners. If you walk off the course, there is a chance that you will damage the environment, crops, plants or animals.
    • The center of the Kunisaki peninsula has been designated as part of the Setonaikai National Park and the Kunisaki peninsula/Usa areas have been designated as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS). Please enjoy this open walk through natural scenery, historical culture and local life.
  • Clothing / Gear

    • Please wear appropriate trekking clothing for the walk (shoes, hat, gloves etc.) and be prepared for the trek by bringing things such as rain-wear, warm clothing, food/drink, a torch, a first-aid kit, mobile phone and portable toilet.
  • About Camping

    • There are no camping sites along the Kunisaki Minemichi Long Trail.
    • Please only camp at official camping sites.
      ※Please check online for official camping sites and contact them in advance.
  • About Toilets

    • Please use the public toilets or your own portable toilet.
    • On the Kunisaki peninsula, there are villages and people who use the water from the valley for drinking and farming. Please be careful not to contaminate the water.
  • About the Preservation of Cultural Properties

    • Along the course there are many stone cultural properties such as temples, shrines, halls and buddha statues.
    • These places and relics are still used for praying to family ancestors and in memorial services. Please do not touch, damage or take them.
  • About Plants, Crops and Animals

    • Please do not pick the plants. Some plants that grow naturally are endangered species and need to be preserved. Please only look or take pictures.
    • Please do not pick and take vegetables, fruits or edible wild plants.
    • Please do not get close-to or feed the animals.
  • About Garbage

    • Please do not throw or bury any garbage including paper, plastic or left-over food. Please bring all garbage back with you.
    • Animals will be attracted to the garbage and will wander onto the course which can be dangerous for both locals and hikers.
  • About Smoking and Cooking

    • When in the mountain areas, in order to prevent forest fires, do not smoke or use fire in any way.
    • When not in mountain areas please also do not throw away cigarette butts, bring them back with you.
  • Consideration of Others

    • Please be considerate of the locals who live in the area as well as other hikers. It is important that everyone can enjoy the Kunisakihantou Minemichi Long Trail.
    • Please park in designated carparks and not on private land or on narrow roads as this is considered illegal parking.
  • Please ensure you are sufficiently knowledgeable about the area you will hike and plan a safe and sound journey.

    • If you have any questions, please contact the Kunisakihantou Minemichi Trail Club by mail.
    • Please send information about your trekking itinerary to the Kunisakihantou Minemichi Trail Club by mail.
    • If you have any problems or encounter anything dangerous along the course, please contact the Kunisakihantou Minemichi Trail Club by mail.

--- Trekking Precautions ---

1. Dealing with bees, snakes, mites and wild boars

  • Hornets and vipers (poisonous snakes) live in the mountains of the Kunisaki peninsula. Bring portable aerosol spray for the hornets.
  • There is no particular way to defend yourself from vipers so watch your step while walking.Covering your feet and ankles with things like gaiters might be effective.
  • Be careful of mites. Spray insect spray (specifically for mites) on your clothes. Do not sit on grass or fallen leaves where mites are likely to inhabit.
  • When you meet a wild boar stay calm and slowly step backwards and create some distance.
  • If you see a wild boar piglet, there is sure to be a mother nearby. Look around and do not get close. After you put enough distance between yourself and the piglet, quietly walk away.

2. Other Precautions

  • There are steep rocks and slopes along the course, so be well equiped and careful to avoid accidents.
  • Please do not hike during typhoons, heavy rain or strong winds
  • In some mountain areas the reception is bad and you may not be able to use your mobile phone.
  • There might be sudden heavy rain and snow. Please check the weather forecast in advance and bring gear to adjust to the changing climate.
  • From time-to-time, landslides will occur on mountain roads. Please check the road information in advance.

--- We ask for your cooperation to preserve the many shrines,
temples and relics located along the trails ---

Please follow the rules and guidelines of each shrine and temple in order to preserve and protect the cultural properties throughout the Kunisaki peninsula. Please pay the entrance fee if it is indicated. If there is no indication, please make a contribution.

--- Disclaimer ---

We do not take any responsibility for accidents, loses or injuries that occur along the course of the Kunisakihantou Minemichi Long Trail.

Each participant needs to take responsibility for their own safety and follow the rules. You can only enter the course after you agree to this disclaimer.

Please follow the rules and guidlines and enjoy the Kunisakihantou Minemichi Long Trail.